Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time To Get Less Lazy.

Today I went to Robert Wood Johnson's hospital and I am going to do volunteer work there. I want to help people and gain experience, because I plan on becoming a nurse. My father has connections there because he works at the cancer institute across the street that works with Robert Wood Johnson. So the director of volunteering wants me to shadow nurses in the adult ICU, which should be a great hands on experience and a great opportunity. The director is letting me do more than the average volunteer because she knows and likes my father. Most volunteers just answer phones, file charts, etc- but I will be following around nurses and helping out with patients, which will be nice. I want to help in any way that I can.

 This weekend, or even starting tomorrow, I have decided to be less lazy and start on my Book Of Shadows. I have read a lot of information I deem useful and interesting, and need to give one of the books back to the library, so I am going to start to put some information together. I think I'm going to use a 3-ring binder- it will the easiest to put together and organize and will look neat. I'm excited to put it together!

Also, my siblings and I were supposed to go to the North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival on Saturday, but it is supposed to be raining. I hope it won't rain on Saturday...I was really excited and it should be fun. It's supposed to rain both weekends the festival is there... My luck.


CousinLinda said...

Getting to volunteer on exactly what you want to do is really, really cool! Good for you!

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